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ELC Contractors offer a wide range of services. A very versatile approach allows us to meet the many different requirements of our clients.

Boiler Placement - Tractor use

As part of our services we often get asked to assist in the unusual. Here pictured we are transporting a Wood pellet boiler to be installed in the National Trust greenhouse in the walled garden at Hanbury Hall. Never mind the value of that pellet boiler that wall only allowed us 50mm in clearance.....




nptc qualitfied staff



all staff are holders of relevant qualifications to which the task
relates and for Herbicide application, we are holders of the Aquatic license (AW)








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Compton Valley

Compton Verney



Firewood Logs For Sale


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Dudley Metropolitan Borough Council

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National Trust

Redditch Borough Council
Sandwell Metropolitan Borough Council

Walsall Metropolitan Borough Council

Warwickshire County Council

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Featured Projects

Cleft Oak fencing

cleft oak fencing

Cleft Oak fencing at Buttonoak Wyre Forest


Galvanised tubular rail

galavanised tubulatur railMounted into sawn posts to produce an effective barrier to prevent vehicle access onto nature reserve.